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In general, the result of this project is expected to be the creation of an educational network dealing with the ESL problem, based on a holistic approach to the problem. The conclusions of the project as well as the educational material to be created are expected to contribute positively to the management and prevention of the ESL problem on a school and local level, primarily, as well as on a national and European level, eventually.

Results are listed analytically in the sections for the intellectual outputs, multiplier evens or learning, training, and teaching activities. Indicatively, the following are worth mentioning:


Concrete results

  • Theme and evaluation reports.
  • Consortiums' Proceedings.
  • ESLCo-Network (asynchronous platform).
  • Teaching material for the “Robotics club”.
  • Educational resource material “ESL Guidebook – Activities for all” (aspects, teaching activities, instructions etc)

Further results

  • Experience and knowledge to be accumulated by the participants (teachers, students).
  • Development of professional experiences and knowledge already acquired.
  • Enhancement of social and other skills (language, ICT etc.) as well as student achievements.
  • Improvement of health related perceptions and knowledge and engagement in environmental issues by the students.
  • Actions to encourage the engagement of "significant others" with the ESL (parents, local authorities).
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